Holtz Flooring sells Old Parquet Flooring all over the world. Holtz is a specialist in figure flooring made with real old oak wood. 

Holtz is a company that is build from the ground bij de current owners. Holtz imports old Old Parquet Flooring from France. In Holland, the place where Holtz is located, the old parquet flooring is cleaned en made ready for construction in homes, offices and other buildings all over the world. Holtz is specialized in tradidional old parquet figure flooring. The figure flooring are made only from real old wood. Fishbone, Herring-bone parquet work, Holland pattern, Hongarian patern etc are the most chosen paterns. The flooring are most of the time older than 100 jears! Holtz is specialist in real old colors. 

Holtz delivers and constructs old traditional parquet flooring all over the world.

Click here for pictures of some of the antique parquet floors we have delivered.